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Are You Burned Out? - What To Do Now
By Myesha Mebane, Science Department Chair at Martin Luther King Jr. Junior High School
It’s May and you may be experiencing “Burn Out”, what do you do now? It is too late to consider what you could have done to prevent burn out in the first place. What do you do?
Symptoms of Burn OutYou are exhausted. Your energy level is low and it is apparent because everyone says that you look terrible. You have pushed your professional clothing to the back of your closet and thought about wearing those Saturday sweats on casual Friday. Your tolerance for having to repeat your classroom expectations and your patience with the little noises and frequent giggles is gone and you have resulted to referrals to the office. Every single day you think about calling in sick because you know you need a mental health day.
10 ways to get you through the last few weeks of schoolThere are a lot of things that you can do to make sure that you don’t crash and burn during those l…